Observatorio Metropolitano en Global Uprisings Conference


Saturday 16 November 2013: 13.00-14.30   FULL PROGRAM

1. The Euro Crisis: Reports on Crisis and Revolt

While many mainstream news outlets and politicians across Europe try to tell us that the crisis will soon be over, unemployment rates continue to rise and austerity measures continue to have dramatic consequences on people’s ability to meet their basic needs. So far, some of the countries worst hit by the euro crisis have been Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal where in some cases sustained efforts to combat austerity measures have grown into radicalized mass movements of hundreds of thousands of people participating in general strikes, occupations, massive general assemblies, riots, campaigns to squat empty buildings, and a growing solidarity economy to meet their basic needs. In other countries the protests have been slower to take hold. This panel will look at the causes and consequences of euro crisis from the point of view of those who are living and organizing within the countries that have been worst hit.

TPTG (Athens, Greece), Ricardo Noronha (Lisbon, Portugal), Mick Byrne (Ireland), Ana Mendez de Andes (Madrid, Spain) and John Clegg (London, UK) as discussant.

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